Pet Supplies Amazon Affiliate Website


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Pet Supplies Amazon Affiliate Website

There is no inventory to maintain, no customer support.
You simply advertise the site and collect the commissions.

This is a full real website and 100% automated site. you just need to drive traffic. This can be easily don via social media / google adwords , bing, and other affiliate networks.

This site is not a landing page, not a free hosted site were you have no control over the code. You are in the cockpit and have full control with No Limits. You can even sell the site down the road.

Don’t be fooled by others claiming to give you free lifetime hosting. (Think about it is this really possible)
Amazon is the best affiliate program also guaranteed deliver the products and has great customer service.
Don’t be fooled any Alixpress listings – Alixpress orders never come or come months later giving you a bad review. Do a search on Alixpress complaints.

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  • We add your logo
  • We add your header
  • We add the products for you. You can add more later
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Millions of products to choose from
  • Wish list feature
  • Social integration
  • Contact form
  • Mailing list
  • Full shopping cart
  • Everything can be customized
  • Other features can be added

How it works

You will earn commission on every product that is sold on the site.
You will also make money every time some clicks one of your display ads.

What you get

The full site installed exactly like the demo.
2 Months free unlimited hosting
We will add any logos for you.
We will add products for you.
Full Support as long as the site is hosted with us.

Support Highlights (for hosted clients only)

  • Free Updates /upgrades
  • Minor site edits. Ex: Color changes, Fonts. Basically anything non programing.
  • Always answer any questions you may have.
  • Anything hosting related
  • We assist you in all your support needs including adding affiliate codes.
  • All support is FREE

What you will need

Amazon Associates account

Approved Amazon products advertising Api( If you are not approved we can set you up a different way)

You will just need to supply us with your amazon api credentials( if you have them)

A Domain name. You can order from us if you need.


Q. Can the site be customized?
A. YES, The site can be customized and more features can be added.

Q. Is the site WordPress?
A. Yes.

Q. Do you host the website?
A. YES, we host the site for $2.50 a month or $25.50 a year. If you want the site installed on another host there is a one time $25 charge(no support can be offered after transfer. unless you purchase a support package from us).

Q. Can you send me the files?
A. No. We install the site for you.

Q. Does the site come with a domain name?
A. NO.

Q. Do i need to know how to code?
A. No if you send us the info we will add it to the site for you.
Yes If you want to add your info to your site yourself.

Q. Do I have to signup with affiliates?
A. YES, you will need to in order to get paid by them.

Q. Do i have to promote the website or you?
A. Yes. You have to promote your website.Not Us.

Q. Can I Resell this website script?
A. No. Personal use license only.

Q. Can I sell My website?
A. Yes.

Pleas Note:All sales are final for this type of work.Please ask any questions you have before you buy.