5 Affiliate Websites In One. With 1 Year Hosting


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5 Turnkey Amazon Affiliate Store Website Businesses.

Start you own automated online Amazon affiliate business. There is no inventory to maintain, you don’t have to deal with customer support. The sites work for you on autopilot.
You simply drive traffic to the site and collect the commissions from amazon.

All sites can be accessed from one admin login. You can add as many sites as you want. Each site has its own admin dashboard that can be accessed through the main admin account.

Sites Included

Adult Sex Shop -View The Demo

Christmas Store -View The Demo

Kitchen & Dining -View The Demo

Pet Shop Store -View The Demo

Drones Store -View The Demo

How it works

You will earn commission on every product that is sold from your sites.

What you get

The 5 sites exactly like the demo.

We will add any logos for you.

We will add your affiliate codes for you.

Full Support for as long as the site is hosted with us. (this means will assist you in making minor edits, install additional plugins, swap out themes. Etc.)

1 Year FREE hosting
Free SSL Certificate when you host with us.

What you will need

Amazon associates account

Aws Api key (we will assist you with info on how to get one)

Other niches available!

If you want the site in a different niche send us a message. We can custom create it for you.
Examples: Droid store, Lingerie Store, Iphone store, Crafts store.

Support Highlights (for hosted clients only)

Free Updates
Minor site edits. Ex: Color changes, Fonts. Basically anything non programing.
Theme Swap (must be compatible)
Add Plugins. (you must configure)
Always answer any questions you may have.
Anything hosting related
We assist you in all your support needs including adding affiliate codes.


Q. Can the site be customized?
A. YES, the site can be customized and more features can be added.

Q. Do you host the website?
A. YES, we host the site for $2.50 a month or $25.50 a year. If you want the site installed on another host, there is a onetime $75 charge.

Q. Can you send me the files?
A. No. We install the site for you.

Q. Does the site come with a domain name?
A. Yes.

Q. Do I have to sign up with affiliates?
A. YES, you will need too for them to pay you.

Q. Do I have to promote the website or you?
A. Yes. You must promote your website. Not Us.

Q. Can I Resell this website?
A. No. Personal use license only.